Britains Busiest Roads Revealed

uk busiest roads

Britain is becoming a busier place to drive according to new government figures.


The analysis shows that the increase was largest in the South West (39%), closely followed by the South East and Scotland (37%).

The top five busiest road sections in Britain are:

  1. The stretch linking junction 14 at Heathrow Airport with the M4 at junction 15 (219k vehicles every day)
  2. Junction 13 at Staines to junction 14 is the next busiest road (206k vehicles every day)
  3. Junction 15 to junction 16 for the M40 motorway next up with (201k vehicles every day)
  4. The section linking junctions 12 and 13 (193k vehicles every day)
  5. The M1 between junction 9 for Rebourn and junction 8 for Hemel Hempstead (184k vehicles every day)


The M25 dominates the list and is by far the busiest road in the UK.

England is the busiest country in the UK with 85% of the total traffic.

The top busiest counties to drive in are:

  1. Hampshire
  2. Kent
  3. Surrey
  4. Essex
  5. Hertfordshire


The Strategic Road Network in England which accounts for 2.4% of the overall road network carries 34% of all motorised traffic in England.

The biggest surprise in the data was how new legislation has affected traffic in London. Low emissions zones, expensive parking and high public transport use have reduced traffic by 4%.


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