6 tips to drive safely on Bonfire Night

6 tips to drive safely on Bonfire Night

With Bonfire night quickly approaching, some of us will be celebrating this weekend. Whether you’re heading to a local fireworks display or hosting your own, it’s important to stay safe while celebrating as Bonfire night can create a few driving hazards that you should be aware of.

The following are 6 tips to help you drive safely on Bonfire Night this weekend.

Plan your route

Plan your route ahead of travelling so you know exactly where you need to get there, and how long it will take. Planning your route before hand can be beneficial as you’ll feel less stressed and able to concentrate fully on your driving. Give yourself extra time to account for increased traffic, and be aware that there may be an increase in pedestrians heading to fireworks shows.

Wear Weather Appropriate Clothing

Firework displays often involve standing around in a cold, muddy field, so you may want to wear wellies. However, these are unsuitable to drive in, therefore you should keep a suitable pair of shoes in your car to drive in. A pair of gloves, hat and scarf might also be a good idea, however you should make sure that you do not wear anything that obstructs your view of the road while driving or hinders your mobility whilst operating a vehicle.

Pay Extra Attention

When travelling by car, be aware that there will be an increase in pedestrians, and especially families with young children heading to a fireworks display. Staying vigilant will help you to react accordingly. There may also be an increase in spooked animals and wildlife, and you should keep that in mind, especially when travelling on poorly lit rural roads.

Be aware of Animals

While Bonfire night is a fun event for us, animals and local wildlife may not enjoy it as much. Never leave pets in a vehicle near a fireworks display, as they may become anxious and injure themselves or damage your car. Create a quiet and safe space for your pet at home to help reduce this stress, and keep them indoors if possible. While driving you should keep in mind, particularly around housing estates and rural areas, that pets or wildlife may run out onto the road in fear.

Make sure your lights are functioning properly

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is always recommended, and you should ensure that your headlights are clear and working before setting out on your journey. You should also check your break lights as well as fog lights and hazards to keep you safe and visible on the road. The easiest way to check If your lights are working is to turn the engine on and leave the handbrake on. Then turn on each light and walk around the car to visually check that everything is in working order. Alternatively, you can get a passenger to do this check for you.

Transport Fireworks Safely

Experts are warning drivers of a rule which could result in fines and points on drivers’ licenses. The punishment is surrounding the transportation of fireworks. A £300 fine, 6 points on your licence and even your insurance being invalidated are the penalties if you are travelling with over 50kg of fireworks in your vehicle. You will receive these punishments if you do not have a valid registration or license to carry these explosives. You should also ensure that you have a spark resistant container with a lid to place fireworks in.

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