5 Ways We Look After Your Driver’s Wellbeing

5 Ways We Look After Your Driver’s Wellbeing

At Cambrian Fuel Card Services, the wellbeing of our staff is important to us. We also believe the wellbeing of your staff is just as important, and so helping you look after them is something we strive to do.
Fuel cards are an excellent way to save your drivers time when fuelling up, making their day-to-day lives easier.

Being aware of any changes in your drivers behaviour can help you to look out for the signs that they may require additional support to help with their wellbeing.

Some warning signs include:

  • Poor timekeeping
  • Sickness
  • Changes in colleague relationships
  • Sudden changes in behaviour
  • Irritability
  • Unelicited aggression
  • Changes in driving performance picked up by telematics devices

The following are 5 ways we can help to look after your driver’s wellbeing.

       1. Strategic Network

To avoid stopping at poorly lit stations in the middle of nowhere, our Fuel Cards provide drivers access to safer facilities. Our Fuel Station Locator app also provides an up-to-date map of all of the stations available to you.
It will let you know if a station on a certain network is open 24 hours, if it is temporarily closed and whether it has the facilities your driver requires.

Our Shell fuel card networks (Shell Fleet, Shell CRT and Shell EV) gives you access to:

  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Toilets
  • Washing facilities
  • Free WiFi
  • Overnight truck stops

Our branded stations are well lit and monitored for your staff and products safety, so your drivers have peace of mind that they are safe.

Shell sites are also accessible through the Texaco Fastfuel, UKfuels and Esso Card™ National cards.

      2. Telematics Solutions

Another way we can help look after the wellbeing of your drivers is through our Telematic Solutions.

Using cutting edge technology, you can track your fleet’s location in real time. The software ranks your driver’s performance based on their speed, braking, acceleration, idling time and general driving behaviour.
This can help you keep up to date with their location, performance, and highlight any issues as they arise.

       3. Dashcam

We also offer a range on camera and recording devices to cover all your monitoring needs.

Our dashcams from Trakm8 offer the option of positioning cameras at various locations inside and outside of a vehicle. This data is streamed live to fleet managers and the data recorded is retained for up to seven years.

This gives your drivers peace of mind knowing that their wellbeing is being taken into consideration, as well as their time out of the driver’s seat is being prioritised.

All these services can help to relieve the stress and anxiety your drivers may be feeling and improve their welfare. We believe a happy driver is a safe driver.

       4. Secure Transactions

All cards are secured with a PIN number, just like a credit or debit card, in order to keep all transactions secure. This will make your driver feel safer, reduce the need to carry around large amounts of cash and reduce the risk of fraud.
You can register the cards to an individual driver or vehicle. Introducing fuel cards to your business can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and administration required. Everything is handled through one account, giving you a detailed invoice listing of all the payments.
This allows you to see what vehicle was filled up, what type of fuel was used, where it took place as well as the cost.

       5. Simplicity

Fuel cards remove the need for your drivers to use their own money to pay for fuel. Not only does this save them time, it is more safe and secure and you won’t have to refund your drivers expenses at the end of each month.

5 Ways We Look After Driver's Wellbeing

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