5 Benefits of Fuel Cards

5 Benefits of Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are an excellent way to manage and monitor the fuel consumption of your business.

At Cambrian Fuel Card Services, we have a portfolio of fuel cards with a current network of over 8000 UK sites, including access to an extensive electric vehicle charging network under our Shell EV card.

For those that haven’t previously used fuel cards, we will be covering 5 benefits of fuel cards and explaining why putting all your refueling costs under one account with us can make it easier to save you time and money.

   1) No more Receipt Wrangling

Fuel cards remove the need for your drivers to carry cash on them or use their own money to pay for fuel. Not only is this a far more safe and secure way, it eliminates the need to carry large amounts of money in the vehicle. It also saves you time as you won’t have to refund your drivers expenses at the end of each month.

Every business can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and administration required by introducing fuel cards to your fleet. Everything is handled through one account, giving you a detailed invoice listing all the payments. You can see what vehicle was filled up where, what type of fuel was used, as well as the cost.

   2) Fuel cards can offer consistent pricing on fuel

Fuel cards will allow a business to purchase fuel at a wholesale cost, which can mean significant financial savings. It allows you to budget your business expenses more effectively, and you will know the cost of fuel each week as it remains at a fixed weekly price. Fortnightly credit terms are available, with up to 30 days interest-free credit.

   3) Secure Payments

All fuel cards are secured with a PIN number, just like a debit or a credit card, to keep all payment secure. This will make the driver feel safe and gives you a greater sense of security, reducing the risk of fraud. You can register the cards to either an individual driver or a vehicle.

   4) Monthly Reports

Much like the invoicing, at the end of each month you will receive a detailed report. You will be able to see how much the card is being used and how much each transaction is. This allows you to keep track of each member of your team within your fleet, and keep an eye on company finances.

   5) Simplicity and ease of use

The card can be used at hundreds of sites across the United Kingdom, offering flexibility and convenience to your drivers. While fuel cards benefit the company, it also offers personal benefits to the employee as well.

A fuel card is far safer and easier to carry about than large amounts of cash, or using a personal credit or debit card to pay for business expenses. Fuel cards cannot be used anywhere else but at a forecourt, eliminating the need to keep receipts to prove nothing else was purchased.

There are no set-up costs, annual fees or transaction fees, with no card charges subject to usage. Our UK based call centre is manned by highly-trained and experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to responding quickly to customer requests. Nearly all of our customer inquiries are dealt with within fifteen minutes.

You will also have access to our free Station Locator Mobile app, which can help your drivers to find the nearest locations to fuel up. We also offer telematics solutions to offer you the ability to monitor your vehicles and keep an accurate track of business efficiency.

5 Benefits of Fuel Cards

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