19 Sep 10 Security Steps for Drivers – Infographic

10 Security Steps for Drivers


10 Security Steps for Drivers


  • Only talk about loads or routes with authorised persons. Avoid posting route or location details on social media
  • Make sure your vehicle is locked and secure when outside the cab, this includes during loading and unloading
  • Carry out visual walk-around checks for security when leaving and returning to the vehicle, to ensure no tampering has occurred
  • Only carry authorised loads
  • If you are forced to change your route, inform the transport office immediately
  • Report any suspicious activity at the depot or on the road, via the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) campaign,call 0800 789 321, and contact your company
  • Only allow authorised passengers in the cab
  • Keep your phone on you person. Make sure it’s fully charged, and all the important numbers are stored on the phone
  • Be mindful of your personal security, and keep your ID documents and wallets secure and out of sight
  • Beware of bogus police, DVSA officers or any other deception attempts


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