10 Everyday driving mistakes


Everyday drivers make little mistakes both in the way they drive and how they use their cars.


  1. Distance in Traffic

    When stopping behind another car:
    Always make sure you can see their bumper – If someone goes into the back of you, you will not get launched into the person in front
    Leave enough room to manoeuvre around them just in case they break down

  2. Stand on your brakes

    Don’t be afraid to stand on your brakes if you have to:
    Remember to brake early
    They will not lock up

  3. Use button shortcuts

    Make full use of steering wheel mounted controls:
    They help your keep our eyes on the road and result in less accidents

  4. Check your tyres

    Tyres condition is paramount :
    Maintain correct tyre pressure
    Check them once a month
    1.6mm of tread

  5. Turn radio down

    Even though a singalong is great:
    Inhibits your ability to judge speed
    It affects your reaction time
    It Masks engine noise

  6. Blind spots

    Awareness of other drivers’ blind spots:
    Reduces accidents
    Reduces road-rage
    Causes issues when emergency vehicles are trying to pass you

  7. Sitting correctly

    Just because its comfortable doesn’t mean its right
    Left leg should not be fully extended when your foot is on the clutch
    Your arms should not be fully extended when your hands are in the 10 to 2 position
    Headrest should be inline with head
    You should have an unobstructed view of your instruments

  8. Air recirculating

    Rules for the most economical use:
    Use it summer to lower the ambient temperature of your car before you set off
    Don’t use it in winter

  9. Poor signalling

    At roundabouts:
    Signal to turn off just as you pass penultimate exit
    If your exit is more than 180 degrees from your entry point indicate right

  10. Hydration

    Keep your fluids topped up:
    Hydration equals concentration