Who’s Most Likely to Get Caught Drink-Driving? – Infographic

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Who’s Most Likely to Get Caught Drink-Driving? – Infographic


Research by insurance specialist Keith Michaels drawn from analysis of Ministry of Justice data shows that:

13892 male drivers in their 30s were convicted for drink driving in 2020

415% difference between male and female rates

67% difference between male drivers in the 18-24 range

The research also found that men in every age category were at least 267% more likely than women to be convicted of drink or drug driving.


Mike Roberts, chairman of Keith Michaels said:

“It’s incredibly compelling that drink and driving convictions fell once again in 2020. Although this may have been helped by various lockdowns throughout the year, the ongoing decline will hopefully continue in the future, meaning our roads will increasingly become safer as people take their responsibilities as drivers and duty of care on the roads more seriously. The best way to not be caught drink or drug driving is by not taking any chances, therefore if you’re uncertain whether you should get behind the wheel,be wary and travel another way.”

Minimum Conviction

Being in charge of a vehicle while above the legal limit or unfit through drink.

You may get:

  • 3 months’ imprisonment
  • up to £2,500 fine
  • a possible driving ban


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For the official data on drink-driving click here – https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/reported-drinking-and-driving-ras51



Who’s Most Likely to Get Caught Drink-Driving? – Infographic