Which Fuel Card is the Best for My Company? – Video

Which Fuel Card is the Best for My Company?


Every card has its distinct advantages


There are many considerations for you to take into account


1. Your Location

Is your HQ the starting point for all your drivers?

If so what’s the nearest garage to you?

What type of garage is it?

  • Branded
  • Independent
  • Supermarket?


2. Drivers Routes

What types of roads do they use?

Exclusively motorways, just A roads or a mixture?

Does your fleet travel locally? Regionally? or nationally?


3. Fleet Needs

Do your drivers need to pay for:

  • car wash
  • motorway tolls
  • overnight parking
  • shop goods


4. Fleet Type

Have you got a mixed fleet? or just one vehicle type?


5. Fuel type

Is your fleet exclusively:

  • Diesel?
  • Petrol?
  • or Mixed?


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