Trakm8 DC-3 and Connect 420

dc-3 and connect 420 combo

Trakm8 DC-3 and Connect 420 Combination


We offer a combination of two products to offer a holistic approach to vehicle tracking.

The RoadHawk DC-3 is a fully featured high-definition dashboard camera with accurate GPS data, speed information and memory card auto-formatting.
The RoadHawk DC-3 can record at any time of day, in any type of weather.

The Connect 420 monitors all of your vehicle movements. It provides live updates, journey history and driver scoring.


Connect 420 Telematics Device

The Connect 420 has a powerful processor that provides precise GPS locations and optional CANbus connectivity.

The Connect 420 provides the fleet manager with detailed information about the vehicle activity, driver behaviour and crash analysis.


  • Powerful Processor (Cortex M3, 32 bit, 120 MHz to provide GPS locations.
  • GPRS and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Flexible installation
  • Commercially flexible
  • Tri-axis accelerometer
  • Proving Fleet Managers with key reporting data (crash, idling etc)
  • Optional – CANBus connectivity

DC-3 Dashcam

G-Force Sensor


Its intelligent G-Force sensor is able to recognise if an impact occurs and log the event as a piece of concrete evidence for use in a court of law.

The DC-3 is easy to use and can be simply installed by any user.


Event Management


The RoadHawk DC-3 can also be used with a remote event button accessory which allows a descete button to be mounted within easy reach of the driver.
This accessory can also be used to interface and communicate the event button signal to a range of Trakm8 telematics hardware for remote indication to their back end portals software.

All video footage from the RoadHawk DC-3 is easily viewed within RoadHawk’s intuitive software. With evidential-grade footage, GPS information and G-Force data, you are able to supply irrefutable evidence to your insurer or police. The RoadHawk DC-3 records every journey in fantastic quality, with full 1080p video recording, gyro balanced image stabilisation and high quality sensor to provide you with protection in low-light scenarios. With an inbuilt G-force sensor, the RoadHawk DC-3 will automatically save clips to a separate ‘event’ folder when the camera detects a sudden jolt or impact.
This way, you can ensure that your most important footage isn’t overwritten or lost. ‘Event’ files can also be created by clicking the event button on the camera for saving incidents on the road that don’t necessarily involve your vehicle.

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