Top Ten Benefits Of Fuel Cards

Top Ten Benefits Of Fuel Cards

Discover how Fuel Cards can help your drivers and your company…




1 – They remove the need for cash

Fuel cards completely removes the need for your drivers to carry cash on them to pay for their fuel. Not only is this a safer and more secure way for them to travel as it eliminates the need for potentially large amounts of money, which can easily be lost, to be carried in the vehicle. It also benefits the company, as you will no longer have to find money for your employers prior to them taking that journey, instead all fuel costs can be paid through your one account.


2 – They significantly reduce the amount of admin for your company

Regardless of whether your company is large or small, every business can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and administration by introducing fuel cards to your fleet. Because everything is handled through one account, it means that you can receive one detailed invoice listing the payments, instead of having to trawl through endless paper receipts. You will be able to see what vehicle has filled up where, what type of fuel, the cost and where it was filled up. With fuel cards, you can say goodbye to having to chase employees for details, and hoping that they still have their receipts.


3 – They give you much more control over your company

Fuel Cards give you a much greater control over your company. They give you the option to specify exactly what can and cannot be bought with them. Depending on the type of fuel card you chose, will even only allow you to fill up from certain stations. This will reduce fuel fraud, which can have a massive drain on your company’s expenses.


4 – Fuel cards can offer consistent pricing on fuel

Fuel cards will often allow businesses to purchase fuel at a wholesale costs – which is consistent across the whole of the United Kingdom, or at least discounted prices from the national average forecourt pump price, which can mean significant financial savings. It also allows you to budget your costs more effectively, as you will know the cost of fuel prior to any travelling.


5 – Flexibility on forecourts

Finally, our fuel cards offer you so much flexibility on forecourts. Our fuel cards can be used at hundreds of sites all over the United Kingdom, offering flexibility and convenience to your drivers. It is a quick and easy way to make the transaction, allowing your drivers to get back on the road quickly.


6 – Huge choice

There is not just one fuel card out there – there is such a huge variety to choose from that have all been designed with different fleets in mind. It is important to select the right card for your business, so you can be sure that you are getting the best price on fuel. So whether you have HGV fleets, van fleets, car fleets or a mixture of all three, we are confident that you will be able to find the best fuel card for your business.


7 – Secure payments

All fuel cards operate on a PIN style system – a bit like a credit or debit card, to keep all payments secure. This will make the driver feel more secure, and, as an employer, it gives you a much greater sense of security to know that only your driver can access that card and make a fuel payment on it.


8 – Fuel cards offer rewards

It is more than likely that your fuel card will offer you and your company some form of reward, whether that is the form of supermarket points, or another incentive for you to go and fill your vehicle up at their fuelling station. Not only that, but like we previously said some fuel cards, or fuelling stations might offer different pump prices. This allows you to plan your journey, as well as planning your spending because you can look for different ways for you to save money.


9 – Monthly Reports

Much like the invoicing, at the end of each month, you will receive a full report at the end of each month, which will detail where and when each card was used, at what fuelling station, and by who. On top of that, you will be able to see how much the card is being used, and how much each transaction is. This allows you to track each member of your team, and your fleet, and keep a close eye on the company finances. This will help you to spot aby wrongdoing a lot sooner than you would in cases where a fuel card was not used.


10 – It is much easier for the employee

A lot of the focus has been placed on the benefits for the company, but there are many benefits for the employee as well. For health and safety reasons, a fuel card is obviously safer to carry about than large amounts of cash, but also, it removes you from being accused of any wrongdoings from your employer. Fuel cards cannot be used to buy anything else but fuel, so it eliminates you having to keep receipts to prove that you did not purchase anything else.


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