The Atom Telematics Device – Video

The Atom Telematics Device


The Atom is an affordable telematics device with great features.



The Atom is easy to install, just attach the connectors to the points on your car battery.


Mobile App

Access all your fleet information on the go.

It’s simple to use and you can get to everything you need in just three taps.


Live Map

Find out where your vehicles are and see their journey information in real-time.


Estimated Time of Arrival

Customer: Where’s my Delivery?

App: It’ll be there at 2.45pm


Journey History

The software will record every aspect of every journey.

It will also allow you view a map-based video of each journey.



Create a virtual fence around a specific location and get alerts when ever a driver goes into this area.


Performance Scores

Your driver will be scored on their performance, incentivising them to improve.


Speeding Reports

Get a detailed breakdown of every speeding incident that has occurred in a specific time frame.


To find out more about The Atom

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