06 Oct The Atom Telematics Device – Infographic

atom advert infographic


The Atom Telematics Device – Infographic

Affordable, Self-Installed Telematics Device with Comprehensive Reporting and Alerts

Improve the efficiency of your fleet, driver interaction and customer satisfaction.
Installation doesn’t require any extensive training or technical knowledge.
Just connect the device to your vehicle battery.
Our monitoring software can be accessed via the internet and by mobile app.
It’s simple to use and you can get to everything you need in just three clicks.
See where your fleet is and how well your drivers are performing.


Click here to learn about the Atom – //www.cambriancards.com/kinesis-atom-telematics-device/

To find out more about our telematics range click here – //www.cambriancards.com/telematics

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The Atom Telematics Device – Infographic

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