07 Apr Texaco Fastfuel Network Update – 7/4/2020

Texaco network grows


Texaco Fastfuel Network Update – 7/4/2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the following stations will be closed until further notice.


Closure DateSite NoSite NameEst length of closureComments
26-Mar253414West Norwood2 WeeksRe Opens 7/4
30-Mar490667Cotton StreetTBC
31-Mar251003East SheenTBC
31-Mar887337Croxted MotorsTBC
31-Mar491686Alpine S/StnTBC
01-Apr887303Camstone S/StnTBC
04-Apr251612Tavistock RoadTBC
06-Apr887408TG SparkfordTBC


To find out more about our Texaco Fastfuel card click here

To see the network on our interactive Station Locator click here

If you have any further questions, you can speak to one of our customer service advisors by calling 0800 612 6132


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