Texaco Network Update – 30-11-19

Texaco network grows

Texaco Network Update – 30-11-19


In the next month there will be the following site closures:


Change Date:     Site Name & Number:             Nearest Site:

11/11/2019             886304 Co-op Solent                     Texaco CO-OP Oak Road

12/11/2019            251216 Co-op Leatherhead           Texaco CO-OP Skipbridge

11/11/2019            251560 Co-op Thornhill                 UK Fuels Southampton S/Stn or Texaco Botley

11/11/2019            490442 Co-op West Wellow          Courtesy S/Stn

20/11/2019            253400 Co-op Pembury                N/A

19/11/2019            251102 Co-op Thatcham               UK Fuels Chieveley Motor Co

11/11/2019            253359 Co-op Golders Green       Texaco Neasden

20/11/2019           251018 Co-op Harlington             UK Fuels MFG Hayes


To find out more about the Texaco Fastfuels card, go to www.cambriancards.com/fuel-cards/texaco-fastfuel-card/

To see the Texaco Fastfuels network on an interactive map, go to www.cambriancards.com/station-locator/