Texaco Fastfuel Network Update – 1-04-20

Texaco network grows

Texaco Fastfuel Network Update – 1-04-20


New Sites

M1 JUNCTION 45, Leeds Skelton, Lakeside LS9 0AS

texaco skelton pic


Temporary Closures

The below sites have all closed due to COVID 19 and will remain closed until further notice or at least two weeks.


Closure Date Site No Site Name Est length of closure
26-Mar 253414 West Norwood 2 Weeks
30-Mar 490667 Cotton Street TBC
31-Mar 886993 Thornfalcon TBC
31-Mar 252042 Lee TBC
31-Mar 251003 East Sheen TBC
31-Mar 887337 Croxted Motors TBC
31-Mar 491686 Alpine S/Stn TBC


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