How Can Telematics Keep My Drivers Safe? – Infographic

telematics safe drivers infographic


How Can Telematics Keep My Drivers Safe?


What measures do you have in place to safeguard your drivers?


At least one in three (31%) fatal crashes and one in four (26%) serious injury crashes in Britain involve someone driving for work.


What can telematics do?

Telematics devices connect to your vehicles onboard computer.

It then relays information about the condition of the car to the fleet manager via the accompanying software solution.

Inside the actual device is a gyroscope which relays data about speed, harsh braking, cornering speed and idling.

With the volume of data provided, patterns of adverse behaviour become identifiable.

This allows fleet managers to instigate measures to promote positive driver performance.

Knowing how the physical state of a vehicle and how that vehicle is being driven reduces accidents and keep both your workforce and your company property safe.


How can our services help keep your drivers safe?

We work with these leading providers Trakm8 and Kinesis to offer a range of telematics devices and software.

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