Should the speed limit change in the rain? – Infographic

Should the speed limit change in the rain?


Should the speed limit change in the rain? – Infographic


RAC surveyed 2100 people on their opinions regarding driving in wet weather and speed limits.

  • 72% would like to see the standard 70mph speed limit on motorways reduced in wet weather to improve road safety and encourage better driving habits,
  • 33% said the limit should be reduced to 60mph in the wet
  • 7% think it should be cut to 65mph
  • 17% of drivers would like an even lower limit of 55mph or even 50mph
  • 14% would like to see the limit cut but aren’t sure by how much


Of the reasons given by drivers who advocate lower motorway speed limits in the wet

  • 78% said they felt lower limits would encourage some drivers to slow down
  • 72% believed it might save lives, so is worth trying
  • 65% said slower speeds might improve visibility with less spray from moving vehicles
  • 53% felt it would reduce overall vehicle speeds, even if some people ignored the lower limit


Drivers Against

  • 21% who are against the idea of a lower motorway speed limit in bad weather
  • 54% said it was because most drivers already adjust their speed to the conditions or because
  • 60% said there would be difficulty in defining when the new limit should apply
  • 42% said many drivers choose to ignore existing speed limits anyway
  • 41% thought drivers wouldn’t obey a lower motorway limit


When asked whether a lower speed limit in the wet should be posted on stretches of motorway that already feature variable speed limit signage, including smart motorways:

  • 73% of drivers were in favour
  • 15% against the idea
  • 11% unsure


How Can Cambrian Help?

We offer a range of Telematics Solutions which enable fleet managers to monitor in real-time the driving of their fleet vehicles. If a vehicle is being driven erratically, the fleet manager will recieve a notification. This will allows them to contact the driver to relay any information. This form proactive policing of driving standards is both good the safety of your drivers and for protecting your company assets.


Should the speed limit change in the rain? – Infographic