Roadworks Speed Limit Increased – Infographic

60 mph speed limit infographic


Roadworks Speed Limit Increased

After extensive research and trials, Highways England have decided to raise the speed limit in roadworks to 60 mph.

The 10mph increase will only come into effect in areas where its safe for road users and roadworkers.

Jim O’Sullivan, Highways England chief executive, said:

“All of our research shows that road users benefit from 60mph limits in roadworks. They have shorter journey times and feel safe.

“Road users understand that roadworks are necessary, but they are frustrated by them. So testing 60mph has been about challenging the norm while ensuring the safety of our people working out there and those using our roads.

“We have a huge programme of work planned, so being able to use 60mph where safe will continue to improve everybody’s experience of our roads.”


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