RH600 Telematics Device – Infographic

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RH600 Telematics Device – Infographic


The RH600 is a groundbreaking telematics device from Trakm8.
It is the first telematics device to combine 4G camera with fully featured telematics.

This compact device features a choice of single or dual cameras with detachable heads.
It automatically provides harsh event videos plus live streaming, videos on demand and video and still pictures on event. In addition, the RH600 provides the telematics functionality of our most advanced tracking devices, including driver behaviour,
CANbus integration, driver ID and our Connected CareTM vehicle diagnostics.

The most advanced 4G telematics camera in the UK, it is proven to:

39% Reduction in accident rates

35% cut in instances of speeding

10% enhancement in fuel economy


Click here to learn about the RH600 – https://www.cambriancards.com/trakm8-rh600-telematics-device/

To find out more about our telematics range click here – https://www.cambriancards.com/telematics

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RH600 Telematics Device – Infographic