Regional Disparity In EV Charging Infographic

region disparity Ev infog


Regional Disparity In EV Charging Infographic


The number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points between April 2021 and June 2021 rose by 7%.

New figures, published by the Department for Transport (DfT) show there were 24,374 charge points at the beginning of July compared to 22,790 at the beginning of April.

7% of that increase are rapid charging stations, with 4,551 were rapid chargers now available.

The area with the biggest increase in rapid charging devices was Wales, which has grown by 23.7%.

Since 2015, the number of public devices has grown by an average of 44% per year.

Rapid device availability has increased at a much higher rate, with an average annual increase of 62%.


Uneven geographical distribution


The uneven geographical distribution of charging devices within the UK is still an issue.

London and Scotland had the highest level of charging stations per 100,000 of population.

London has around 83 charging stations per 100,000 people, while Scotland has 47 charging stations per 100,000.

In comparison, the average provision in the UK is 36 per 100,000.

The DfT says that the coronavirus may have slowed.


The areas of the UK with the lowest EV charging stations per population group are:

  1. Northern Ireland (17)
  2. Yorkshire and the Humber (21)
  3. The North West (22)

The DfT says that the coronavirus may have slowed the distribution of further charging stations, yet all regions in the UK saw an increase in total and rapid charging devices during the last quarter.


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Regional Disparity In EV Charging Infographic