Post-Pandemic Driving Behavior

Post-Pandemic Driving Behavior


A new study from Nextbase has warned fleet leaders of potentially dangerous post-lockdown driving behavior.
The research of 1,000 drivers asked questions about driving behavior and things that should not be done while behind the wheel.


Nextbase head of road safety, Bryn Booker said:

“The continued use of technology while driving is worrisome, and the latest regulations are looking to crack down on these driving behaviors to further reduce the risk for road traffic incidents.”


Study Findings

The study found that nearly half of the drivers think it’s acceptable to use their mobile phones while driving.  More worryingly, 1 in 10 drivers thought it was ok to answer a video call, while 7% confessed to catching up with a missed tv show while on a long journey.

  • One in five (22%) said they now steer one-handed
  • 12% confessed to getting distracted when driving
  • 15% said their driving speed was too fast
  • But most shockingly of all, 11% believe it is ok to get behind the wheel after having a drink if “you feel fine to drive”


National Speeds Day for a Nationwide Campaign

Police forces across the UK are taking part in National Safe Speeds Day. The 24-hour operation to encourage compliance with speed limits, starting at 7am on September 15.

This campaign is under the national road safety project, Project Edward. A conjoining campaign, ‘Every Day Without a Road Death’, takes place between September 13 and 17. This will feature a week of road safety activities. This includes showcasing examples of safe road planning, post-crash response, and design and engineering. The event will also include three electric vehicles (EVs) taking part in a cross-country challenge using the smallest charge. The three road trips will visit sites involved in the campaign along the way. These include the South Queensferry traffic control operations room and Devon Air Ambulance.



Adrian Walsh, director at RoadSafe, said:

“Project Edward is about all road users, road authorities, and emergency services joining forces with the aim of zero road deaths. Our road trips will be stopping at multiple locations each day to share exciting content, knowledge, interviews, and stories all linked to keeping those who drive for work safe.”


How Can We Help?

If you are worried about your fleets post-pandemic driving behavior, our Telematics Solutions could be the perfect tool to keeping your drivers and others safe.

Our telematics use cutting-edge technology to analyse and rank driving ability. This encourages drivers to be mindful of the way they drive and how it affects public perceptions of their company. Telematics enables fleet managers to track drivers in real-time, which gives them greater control and peace of mind.



Post-Pandemic Driving Behavior