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Get to know your customers better

We supply near-field-communication (NFC) and data technology to pubs and restaurants throughout the UK.


We have developed a digital solution that enables you to collect customer information safely and make your business compliant with the track and trace requirements.

How Does It Work?

NFC technology communicates with your mobile phone and gives an instruction to perform a function like opening a webpage or saving a contact.


All your customers will have to do is tap the phones against the NFC tag and follow the instructions.


NFC tags can be placed on any wall or table signage.


Note: NFC must be enabled on the phone in the settings

phone and nfc tag

Why Do I Need It?

For the purposes of controlling the risks of another coronavirus outbreak, all pubs and restaurants will be required to take a register of their customers and retain their details for at least 21 days.

Our solution not only allows you to be compliant with the goverment rules but the information submitted by your customers will provide you with the raw data needed to drive your marketing.

Your customers could then be put on a mailing lists and sent special offers etc. If your business relies on seasonal trade, it’s a great way to promote your business throughout the year.

Our NFC technology can be used at the point of service allowing the customer to scan the NFC tag and open up a menu on their phones. This ensure social distancing is maintained and limits any contamination on menus.

What Can I Do With the Data?

emailing list icon

Create a mailing list to offer customers special offers

menu icon

Create digital food and drink menus

lottery icon

Encourage footfall with a drinks lottery

What are the Benefits?

·         It makes your business fully compliant with the new guidelines

·         You don’t have to hire an extra member of staff to stand at the door to take names

·         Our system takes away all the hassle for you and your staff allowing you to get on with keeping your customers happy

How Much Does It Cost?

All our packages are bespoke and based on the size of your business.

There will be cost to program each NFC tag and a monthly cost for the data.

Enquire About Our Services

To speak to one of our friendly advisors call us now on 0800 6126132