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speeding blog preview
24 Sep
Speeding: is zero tolerance going to work?

There are many conflicting views from different sectors regarding the introduction of a zero-tolerance approach to speeding. Is driving 1mph over the limit really a punishable offence? There is a mixed message...

woman drives car whilst texting
17 Sep
Clampdown on Reckless Drivers is Working

  According to the Ministry of Justice data, stricter driving laws are having a positive impact.   Mobile Phone Use In March 2017, higher fines were introduced to combat mobile phone use whilst driving....

police stop preview
07 Sep
Is your Eyesight good enough?

  Police forces in England are cracking down on motorists who fail roadside eyesight tests.   If you’re stopped by police and can’t read a number plate from 20 metres, officers can revoke...

telematics advantages preview
05 Sep
What are the advantages of Telematics?

  Telematics Solutions let you know the exact geographical locations of your fleet in real-time.   They also provide insights into driver behaviour and empower fleet managers with invaluable analytical data.   Telematics solutions can...