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big dent in rear bumper
04 Feb
Would you report minor damage to your company car?

New figures emerge claims that a third of company car drivers would not report any minor damage to their vehicles.   Research by Venson Automotive Solutions showed that the figure had almost...

motoring trends infographic preview
31 Jan
Motoring Trends – Infographic

  Motoring Trends Here are the latest stats from the Department for Transport. Understanding trends helps us plan more effectively for the future. Fuel Economy Since 2000: Petrol increased by 31.25% Diesel increased by 27%   Spending £32.5 billion of...

telematics small businesses preview
23 Jan
Telematics and Your Small Business

Managing The monitoring interface is accesible through an online portal. The software integrates with Google Maps and vehicle information is overlayed on top. Alerts can be set-up that will inform you...

hypermiling thumbnail
21 Jan
Does Hypermiling Really Work?

// What is Hypermiling? Hypermiling {hi-per-mile-ing} is a series of driving techniques where driving enthusiasts try to beat the manufacturers stated MPG. Hypermilers claim they can get up to 40% more mileage out of...

New Year Driving Resolutions
17 Jan
New Year Driving Resolutions – Infographic

There’s no better time than now to alter your driving habits. Here is a list of ideas that make your journeys more safer and happier. Plan Journeys Better Leave in plenty of timeLook...

Is it Still Worth Buying a Diesel Vehicle?
14 Jan
Is it Still Worth Buying a Diesel Vehicle?

FOR: Lower TaxEU7 compliantSuperior Fuel EconomyDPF cuts out 99% of NOx13.8 million vehicles in the UKMore efficient on long journeysNo substantial EV charging infrastructure in the UK to replace them AGAINST: Government wants...