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ukfuels video preview
20 Mar
The UKfuels Card – Video

 The UKfuels Card has a wide variety of stations in its UK network. It can be used at: Branded Independent Supermarket sites You can use it at over 2700 sites nationwide. At UKfuels...

business award preview
19 Mar
Cambrian Win Business Award

Cambrian Fuel Card Services have been named the Best Fuel Purchasing Solutions Company 2019 - UK at the Business Excellence Awards 2019 Managing Director, Darren Stockton said: "It is a great honour...

roadrage infog preview
18 Mar
road rage – infographic

Incidents of road rage are quickly becoming a daily occurence in the UK whether you’re a victim or an offender.   20% of drivers felt rage whilst at the wheel at least...

UK fuels logo preview
15 Mar
New Additions to the UKFuels Network

UK Fuels have this extended their network coverage with the addition of 31 BP sites. The overall network total is now over 2750. Here is a list of the new sites:   td,...

keyfuels video preview
13 Mar
The Keyfuels Card – Video

    The KeyFuels Card has a large commercial network throughout the UK.   Use it at: Branded Independent Supermarket sites Use it at nearly 2900 sites nationwide. At KeyFuels sites, diesel is charged at a...

diesel v electric preview
08 Mar
Is it time to switch to electric?

  We've compiled some of the key facts surrounding the debate regarding diesel versus electric vehicles.   table { width:100%; } table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; border-collapse: collapse; } th, td...

texaco fastfuel video
18 Feb
The Texaco Fastfuels Card – Video

  The Texaco FastFuels Card has great coverage. It can be used at: Branded Independent Supermarket sites   There’s nearly 3000 sites nationwide.   At Texaco sites, diesel is charged at a Fixed Weekly Price. At supermarkets...

Car hacking how to and stats
15 Feb
Car Hacking – Infographic

  50% of stolen cars are never returned How does it work? Your car key works by emitting a radio signal to your car. Thieves can copy the unique signal signature used by your...

crt video preview
07 Feb
The Euroshell CRT Card – Video

  The euroShell Commercial Road Transport Card has excellent motorway coverage and is the best choice for HGV drivers. There’s over 1000 sites nationwide. At Shell Core Sites, diesel is charged at a...

fleet behave infographic preview
06 Feb
How well-behaved is your fleet?

  Data from 337,000 drivers was analysed by Autolease. The results showed that a record number of fines were issued in 2018 and there is a 22.7% year on year rise.   Public...