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m6 safer and faster preview
05 Sep
M6 is Now Safer and Faster

According to data released by highways England, the cumulative effect of new technology and adding extra lanes has made the M6 safer and faster.   The data shows that: The number of...

where are britains worst drivers preview
04 Sep
Where are Britain’s worst drivers? – Infographic

  Where are Britain’s worst drivers? - Infographic Recent research has identified the places in the UK with the highest driver to penalty points ratio. Rank Postcode Number of Penalty Point Holders Number of licenced drivers Share...

AI and traffic jams preview
30 Aug
Can AI put an end to traffic jams?

How can artificial intelligence solve one of motoring’s fundamental issues?   Every year, there are 50000 road closures. As well as affecting regular commuters, traffic jams have a massively detrimental effect on...

news for shell card customers
30 Aug
Shell Network Update 30th of August 2019

Shell Network Update 30th of August 2019   Site Openings Please find below a list of the Shell sites that are opening in September 2019. NEEDWOOD SERVICE STATION Opening on 5th September 2019 and will...

UK fuels logo preview
23 Aug
UKfuels Network Update 23-8-19

UKfuels Weekly Network Update     Network Information   Current network size - 2,803 Number of HGV Sites - 713 Number of Pumped Ad Blue Sites - 314 Number of Gasoil Sites - 287 Number of Motorway Sites/ Truckstop...

telematics 2019 video preview
22 Aug
Telematics Solutions Video 2019

  Telematics Solutions   We offer Telematics vehicle tracking solutions to businesses of all sizes.   How Does it Work? Telematics devices transmit data about every facet of driver performance. Inside every telematics device is a gyroscope...

driver distraction video preview
20 Aug
Are You Driven To Distraction? – video

  Are You Driven To Distraction?   1 in 6 Engage in distracting behaviour In 2016, 397 deaths were linked to distracted driving   Parliament is currently discussing bans for all types of Telecommunications and Smoking...