My Fleet Insurance Premiums Are Too High – Infographic

fleet insurance infographic

My Fleet Insurance Premiums Are Too High


Are you trying to cut fleet costs?

Do you want to safeguard your company assets cost-effectively?


Installing telematics devices and dashcams can reduce your fleet insurance by 60%.

In the event of an accident, they can help in assigning blame and provide information on a drivers behaviour prior to an event.

Proactively monitoring your fleet also helps prevent accidents occurring as your drivers will become more aware of their actions behind the wheel.

The telematics software scores drivers performance and gives them a ranking based on speeding, cornering, braking and idling.

As data history is retained for three years, fleet managers can identify patterns and incentivise positive behaviours.

The installation of telematics and dashcams have an amazing return on investment as they cut accident rates by 39%. This concurrently leads to fewer claims and payouts.