Moto Supports Drivers During COVID-19 Outbreak


Moto Supports Drivers During COVID-19 Outbreak


This is an official communication from Moto, regarding the status of their network and the support they are providing during this time.

   “During these challenging times, we are doing all we can to support those who need to make essential journeys. Our retail & forecourts shops are open 24/7 for you to obtain fuel, coffee, sandwiches and a sweet treat. Essential facilities such as our toilets & showers remain open at all our sites, too.

We have been are working hard in a large percentage of sites to have the ability to offer you an alternative hot food offer. We acknowledge how much #hotmealsmatter to the HGV community. To recognise the huge effort of HGV drivers during this time we will be offering them free food and extending free parking periods.

Our free food scheme has been launched at 10 of our most popular truck sites and will be followed by 14 more sites this week. The free food is available to all HGV drivers when they park overnight.

The sites offering the deal are: Doncaster (M18), Ferrybridge (M62), Medway (M2), Heston West (M4), Hilton Park North & South (M6), Blyth (A1M), Birch East & West (M62) and Trowell North (M1).

In addition, we have also extended our free parking time for HGVs at all Moto sites from two hours to three to give HGV drivers who are working split shifts adequate time to rest.

We’ll be keeping you up to date on our website

Finally, on behalf of everyone at Moto, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody on the UK motorway network who is working hard to help us fight COVID-19, from the emergency services to the HGV drivers, the teachers to the NHS volunteers – we applaud you.”


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