How can Cambrian Fuelcard Services help my real-estate company?

How can Cambrian Fuelcard Services help my real-estate company?

Real-estate companies in the UK primarily focus on the sale and rental of residential and commercial properties. To do this, real-estate companies rely heavily on transportation to move their agents, staff and equipment to different locations across the UK.

Whether your real-estate company focuses on commercial or residential property management, fuel expenses can quickly add up and create a considerable cost burden on the business. Therefore, having a reliable fuel card service and telematics solutions can help the company manage its fuel expenses and to optimise its fleet’s efficiency.

Cambrian Fuelcard Services is a leading provider of fuel cards and telematics solutions, providing businesses with a range of benefits to streamline their fleet operations. The following are some ways in which we can help your real-estate company:

Efficient fuel management

Cambrian Fuelcard Services provide fuel cards that enable real-estate companies to control and monitor their fuel expenses. Fuel cards offer a secure and easy way to purchase fuel and other vehicle-related expenses, such as lubricants, AdBlue, LPG and Tolls. They also allow for setting spending limits and tracking purchases, making it easier to manage expenses.

With a portfolio of 8 different cards, Cambrian Fuelcard Services offer a wide network of fuel stations to ensure your company vehicles can fuel up at the most convenient locations for you. For businesses, they not only offer considerable savings on fuel costs, but they take up less administrative resources and your staff do not need to worry about collecting receipts after every fuel transaction.

Telematics Solutions

Telematics solutions are devices that are installed in vehicles to track and monitor their performance and location. Cambrian Fuelcard Services offer telematics solutions that can provide real-time, in-depth data on the vehicles’ location, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. This data can help real-estate companies to optimise their operations and make informed, data-driven decisions about your fleet.

As an example, if a vehicle is idling excessively, the telematics system can alert the fleet manager to take corrective action. Telematics can also help real-estate companies to plan their routes more effectively and reduce unnecessary driving, which can save both fuel and time.

Compliance with regulations

Real-estate companies are required to comply with various regulations, including those relating to environmental protection, safety, insurance and more. Cambrian Fuelcard Services can help your real-estate company to comply with these regulations by providing tools to track and report the necessary data.

Customers of Cambrian Fuelcard Services can log into a free online portal at any time. Through this web portal, our customers can access detailed HMRC-compliant invoices. Customers also have access to detailed information about how the card is used, such as which site the card was used at, registration, date, time and quantity of fuel drawn and milage recordings. Bespoke reports are available upon request.

For customers using telematics, a full reporting suite is available, with access to customised alerts and historical data archives.

Cost savings

Using fuel cards and telematics solutions can lead to significant cost savings for real-estate companies. Diesel is charged at a fixed weekly price, and prices can be emailed to you weekly prior to drawing fuel. Telematics solutions can also help companies to reduce their fuel consumption, optimise routes and improve driver behaviour and safety, which can help lead to cost savings in the long term.


Fuel cards offer secure transactions, as all cards are PIN-protected, giving you tighter spending controls and reducing the risk of fraud. You can register the cards to either a driver or vehicle. Cambrian Fuelcard Services also offer an optional Card Protection Policy to help protect your fuel cards to give you greater security and peace of mind. This card protection offers up to £3000 cover on each card, with loss, theft and fraud cover subject to terms and conditions.

In conclusion, Cambrian Fuelcard Services offers real-estate companies an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their fuel expenses and optimise their fleet operations. With fuel cards and telematics, your real-estate company can utilise the latest technology to manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively.

About Cambrian Fuelcard Services

Cambrian Fuelcard Services provides a comprehensive range of fuel cards and telematics solutions to UK businesses of all sizes. We are an award-winning, family-run business with over 40 years industry experience.

Our UK based call centre is manned by highly-trained and experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to responding quickly to customer requests. Nearly all of our customer inquiries are dealt with within fifteen minutes.

When you sign up to use our cards, you are assigned a dedicated customer account manager who will be your first point of contact from your onboarding and through the life of your cards.

How can Cambrian Fuelcard Services help my real-estate company?

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