How Can Cambrian Fuel Card Services Improve My Business? – Video


How Can Cambrian Fuel Card Services Improve My Business?


At Cambrian, everything we do is driven by our customers


What fuel cards do you supply?

We work with:

  • Shell
  • UKfuels
  • Texaco
  • Keyfuels
  • Esso


and our range of cards includes:

  • Shell Fleet
  • Shell Commercial Road Transport
  • Texaco Fastfuels
  • UKfuels
  • Keyfuels
  • Esso National
  • Esso Truck
  • Shell Electric Vehicle


We need more control over our fuel costs

Our Fuel Cards and Management Tools enable you to plan and effectively manage your fuel usage

We offer:

  • Fixed weekly diesel prices
  • Weekly invoicing
  • Bi-monthly payment terms
  • Up to 30 days interest-free credit
  • No transaction fees
  • No set up fees

Monitor your account activity at any time with our free Online Customer Portal

The portal allows you to:

  • View copy invoices, history statements and card details
  • Make transaction enquiries
  • Order new cards
  • Submit stop card requests
  • Extract transactions as CSV’s


Fuel claim forms are slowing down our admin processes

With fuel cards there are :

No more claim forms and

No more receipt wrangling


How do I know its safe?

  • Every transaction is monitored via the online portal
  • Every card is PIN protected
  • Cards are linked to either a driver or a vehicle


Where can I use my cards?

Our card network covers over 8000 stations in the UK which include:

My driver is out on deliveries but needs to refuel, how can I help her?

You can download our free Fuel Station Locator Mobile App.

Go to your app store and search for ‘fuel station locator’.

Just tell it what network you use and it will find the nearest stations to you and help you navigate to it.


What if my card is stolen or lost?

Contact us immediately and we’ll help in every way we can.

You can also purchase card protection that covers you for up to £3000.


I need a fuel supplier that I can trust and call any time

We’re an award-winning, family-run business that’s been delivering great service for over 40 years.

Our customers get:

  • a dedicated account manager
  • a UK based call-centre


How can I find out where my fleet is?

We offer telematics devices and dashcams, which in combinations lets you see where and how your fleet vehicles are being driven.

Through our bespoke software you can see the location of your vehicles in real-time.

You can get alerts if a driver is:

  • driving erratically
  • cornering too fast
  • idling excessively
  • braking too harshly

You can also log into live onboard camera feeds.

Telematics allows ensures both the safety of your staff and your vehicles.

It’s both good for your brand and good maintaining continuity of service.


My fleet is switching to electric vehicles

We’ve recently added the Shell EV card to our line-up

The Shell EV card has:

  • 3000 charge points in UK
  • 950 rapid charging points
  • Shell Recharge is powered by
    100% renewable energy
  • Access to 3800 conventional fuel sites


Thanks Cambrian, It’s great to know my company is in such safe hands


To find out more

Call us free on 0800 612 6132


How Can Cambrian Fuel Card Services Improve My Business?