EV News Roundup 6-9-21

EV News Roundup 6-9-21


Increase uptake in EVs

According to new research from Geotab, the UK could soon see four-in-10 petrol and diesel fleet vehicles in the UK could switch to electric.

The study found that 39% of fleet vehicles could save money by switching to electric.

This costs considered:

  • 8-year life-cycle
  • vehicle maintenance
  • the lower price of electricity in comparison to fuel

It also found that 35% of vehicles were range capable, making them perfect for transport and distribution. But there are still concerns about whether this will be viable enough for many HGV businesses.

The issues faced by HGVs

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has called for the Government to help the commercial vehicle industry transition to zero-emission HGVs before the 2040 deadline.

Although all major European truck manufacturers have agreed that new HGVs will be fossil fuel-free by 2040, there is no clear technology that can provide full zero-emission operations for all weights and uses of HGVs.

The development of new technologies such as batteries and hydrogen face commercial barriers meant that only 0.2% of HGVs were alternatively fueled in 2020.

Between January and July 2021 2.6% of new vans registered were battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

The SMMT says that to achieve their goal of Zero Emission in Britain by 2050, the Government needs to develop a clear roadmap that supports UK manufacturers and the supply chain as well as consumers.


SMMT chief executive, Mike Hawes said:

“The industry is committed to being fossil fuel-free, but there is not yet a clear technology path for every weight class and every use case. Before it sets a deadline for the sector, the Government must support the technological development and market proposition and provide the right framework, so haulers don’t defer their decarbonizing decision to the last minute. Plans before bans is the key.”


Action Taken

With one of the main issues for many fleets being the accessibility of charging stations. In response, many local authorities are jumping to action.
London Borough of Lambeth North recently installed 22 public charging stations, with plans to install 200 more by 2022.
SWARCO UK Ltd and Transport for Wales (TfW) are teaming up to deliver 21 electric vehicle rapid charge points. The points will help improve long-distance electric travel throughout Wales.
Shell is aiming to install 50,000 ubitricity charging points in the UK by 2025.



David Bunch, Shell’s UK country chair, said:

“It’s vital to speed up the pace of EV charger installation across the UK and this aim and financing offer is designed to help achieve that.”

How can we help?

If your fleet is considering switching to EVs, our Shell EV fuel card could be the perfect partner for your drivers to have in their glovebox.

The Shell EV card has access to:

  • over 3000 charging points
  • 3800 conventional refueling stations across the UK

Your drivers know they can charge on the road if needed.


Not ready to switch?

If your still looking to make environmental changes, then our cutting-edge telematics may be the solution.

Using real-time data, our Telematics Solutions can help your fleet choose the best routes, cut down idle driving, and maximize their driving potential.



EV News Roundup 6-9-21