Esso Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Esso Driver Frequently Asked Questions


Where Can I Use My Esso Card™ National Card?

Your Esso Card™ National Card is accepted at Esso, Shell & BP branded service stations.

These stations are conveniently located across towns and cities. Wherever you are, you’re never far away from a fill-up.


Where Can I Use My Esso Card™ Truck Card?

Your Esso Card™ Truck Card is only accepted at Esso branded service stations.


How Do I Use My Card?

To use your fuel card simply swipe it down the side of the card machine. The cashier will ask you for your registration and mileage (This can reduce the amount of admin required to submit and process expense claims) and you will need to enter your unique PIN number.


What If My Fuel Card Is Declined?

If your card is declined please follow the simple steps below to ensure the situation is resolved.

  1. Check that you are using your Esso Card™ in an Esso, Shell or BP branded site. Esso Card™ should be accepted in every Esso, Shell and BP branded forecourt in the UK. Should the cashier be unsure then please refer them to their cashier manual which has clear guidelines on Esso Card™ acceptance.
  2. Wipe the magnetic strip and attempt the transaction again.
  3. If that is not successful you should contact 0800 626 672 (option 2) where one of our agents will attempt to resolve the situation and liaise with the cashier on your behalf to ensure you are able to continue with your day. For transactions made before 08:30am or after 5pm, you will need to find an alternative payment method.

If you are using your Esso Card™ at an Esso branded station, they should provide you with a ‘No Means to Pay’ form or a ‘manual voucher’ which you should complete and email to the Esso Card™ Customer Services Team at

Our team will then work with the person who looks after your fleet in order to settle the outstanding payment. Please be aware that an alternative means of payment will be necessary for any Esso Card™ payment declined at Shell and BP branded service stations.


What Happens If My Card Is Lost, Stolen or Duplicated?

If your card is lost, stolen or duplicated:

  1. Immediately notify us so that they can use their online portal to block the card in question and arrange for a new card to be despatched to you.
  2. If your fuel card is lost, stolen or duplicated, your business will be liable for any transactions made until the card has been successfully blocked by WEX Europe Services.


Can I Collect Reward Points With My Esso Card?

Remember to present your Nectar card when handing over your Esso Card.

Points can be collected at participating Esso branded service stations!


Where Is The Nearest Esso Station?

To find out where the nearest Esso station is to you, download our free Fuel Station Locator App

Our Fuel Station Locator App uses the location of your phone to tell you where the nearest station in your fuel card network is and how to get there.

Your can download it for iOS, Android and Windows devices.




Esso Driver Frequently Asked Questions