Electric Vehicle Statistics 2021- infographic

ev stats 2021



Electric Vehicle Statistics 2021 – Infographic


By the end of 2020, electric vehicles accounted for 10% of all vehicle sales in the UK. in 2015, it was just 1.1%

  • 235k batter electric vehicles
  • 260k plugin hybrid electric vehicles

Best-selling EV is Tesla Model 3 (over 9000 sold)

23k chargers in the uk

price parity with regular vehicles in 5 years

The rise in electric vehicle sales in being driven by their adoption as company cars.
There are considerable advantages to having an EV, which include:

  • 1% BiK rates
  • Zero car tax
  • Capital allowances for company tax


By 2027 it will be cheaper to produce electric cars than regular cars.

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Electric Vehicle Statistics 2021 – Infographic