COVID Still Affecting Business Travel

COVID Still Affecting Business Travel

A new study by DfT (Department for Transport) has found that many businesses are continuing to make fewer business trips than before the pandemic.

 The online survey of 465 decision-makers found that 35% of businesses continued to travel for business reasons during the pandemic, including 46% of manufacturing and construction businesses.

 This means a massive 65% of businesses scrapped business travel journeys.



Business Travel Research Results

The research also revealed a reduction in the proportion of employees travelling for business. Before the pandemic, an average of 40% of the staff force travelled for business. Of those who travelled 40% did so at least once a week before the pandemic. This has reduced to 32%.

 The study also found that many are moving away from public transports as their main way of computing. 43% of trips used a car as the main mode of transport during the pandemic, compared to 29% of trips before the pandemic.

 The purpose of this study was to support future transport modelling and look at business expectations for travel post-pandemic.

 41% of companies expect to make fewer business trips than before the pandemic. But, The DfT survey suggests that the proportion of employees travelling on business is expected to stay the same. An average of 38% of employees is expected to be travelling for business, not that far off the original figure. Only 1% of businesses said no employees will be travelling for business after the pandemic.

 The survey also found that many companies are likely to allow staff to continue to work from home. It showed how many virtual meetings have become the norm in day-to-day business. 93% of businesses surveyed said they had replaced domestic business trips with virtual meetings during the pandemic. 44% said they had replaced all trips with online meetings, and 50% agree that they are an adequate replacement for face-to-face meetings.

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COVID Still Affecting Business Travel