Coronavirus delays M4 Plans Around Newport

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Coronavirus delays M4 Plans Around Newport


Plans to install average speed cameras between Tredegar Park and the Coldra are delayed.


The installation of average speed cameras on the section of the M4 around Newport will be delayed until ‘traffic flows return to normal’ confirms the Welsh Government.

In December 2019, The South East Wales Transport Commission recommended scrapping the current variable speed limit zone.

The average speed limit zone is one of the recommendations put forward by the commission.

The 50-miles per hour limit zone is between motorway Junctions 24 (Coldra) and 28 (Tredegar Park).

The postponement of the new cameras is due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on “resources and equipment availability”.


Relief Road Alternatives

The South East Wales Transport Commission is finding alternative solutions to improving the road and transport network in South East Wales after the relief road cancellation. The so-called Black Route to the south of Newport was a £billion project to ease congestion on the M4.

The first minister Mark Drakeford set up the commission and its led by Lord Terry Burns.

It recently completed a two-month public engagement survey online. The survey collected 1,600 comments from residents and commuters on:

  • bottlenecks
  • congestion hotspots
  • ways to improve the public transport network


The commission are to make further long-term recommendations aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in another report at the end of 2020. This is likely to include improving public transport systems between Cardiff, Newport, and Bristol.

In December 2019, the commission said they would not be revisiting options for a relief road.


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