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11 Jun 10 Ways Telematics Improves Fuel Management – Infographic

  10 Ways Telematics Improves Fuel Management   Fuel costs account for almost a third of running costs for haulage firms. Our telematics solutions from TrakM8 help alleviate these costs,  increase fuel economy...

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27 May Are Telematics Solutions Cost-Effective? – Infographic

  Are Telematics Solutions Cost-Effective?   80% Reduction in overtime claims 39% Reduction in accidents 35% Reduction in speeding 25% Reduction in insurance costs 10% Reduction in fuel costs Lower operating costs ...

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21 Jun Managing Risk in your Fleet

Managing Risk in your Fleet How is risk managed within your business operation?   Does your fleet operate with a set of clear and enacted laws? Every business has a duty of care to...

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04 Jan Are Your Fleet Vehicles at Risk of Cloning?

New research shows that 1 in 12 of the 37 million vehicles on UK roads could have cloned registration plates. Criminal gangs copying number plates are: Racking up speeding finesIncurring congestion...

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