02 Dec Is it time to bring back the tax disc? – Infographic

tax disc infographic


Is it time to bring back the tax disc? – Infographic

When the tax disc was abolished in October 2014, the government hoped that it cut red tape and save £10 million a year in processing costs.

At time tax evasion levels were at 0.6%

Fast forward to 2019 and that level has risen more than two fold to 1.6%


What does this mean in real terms?


  • 634,000 vehicles which equate to £94m of lost revenue


Whats the solution?

• Adding the Vehicle Excise Duty to the price of fuel which taxes heavy road users and gas guzzlers. And it also cuts the admin cost even further.

• More Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras


Whatever future course the government decides, we’ll be here to offer you refuelling solutions to ease the burden of your fleet fuel costs.

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